Interschool Council on Undoing Racism

The Interschool Council on Undoing Racism (ICUR) is a project of URIP that began in 2008. ICUR supplies foundational community organizing skills to students from the NYC schools through Skill Labs and Theory Labs. Community Organizing skills are essential to building and sustaining the movement to undo racism. Skill Labs focus on key skills including how to run a campaign, the basics of grassroots fundraising, how to facilitate a meeting, and leadership development.

Theory Labs pay particular attention to the intersectionality of all systems of oppression and its impact on organizing. ICUR provides a space for all anti-racist organizing groups, at each of the individual schools, to report on their organizing work, suggest ways others can support, and to build across institutional lines. Finally, ICUR organizes events for anti-racism organizers/supporters to meet and socialize in order to create cohesion between students involved in the movement to transform social work education.

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