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Interested in opening up or deepening conversations about anti-racism in the framework of social practice? Schedule a presentation in your class or organization! 

Since 2005, URIP interns and Steering Committee members have presented to thousands of social work students and interns, partnered with educators from 7 of the 9 NYC schools of social work, and facilitated engaging activities and discussions for growing social workers in organizations across the city.  

URIP Presentations can span from 15 minutes to 2 hours with the goal to spark interactive conversations among social work students and interns on examining the ways racism is manifested within the social work sector. We can focus our presentations to the needs of your classroom or organization. In the past, we have focused on understanding the three I's (Institutional, Interpersonal, and Internalized) of racism in social work, racial microaggressions, community organizing foundations, and incorporating racial equity practices in your social work relaitonships and practices. 

We understand that we are not the beginning of the conversation around race and hope that we are not the end.  With organizing at the core of our goal, it is our mission that conversations leave the room and manifest into a culture of critical self-awareness, action and a desire to change the face of the social work profession towards greater equity and justice. Interns also review the work of URIP and tell students how they can get involved and take action today.

Email to schedule a presentation.

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