Internship Opportunities

URIP partners with several New York City based social work schools to provide a field placement to students focusing in Community Organizing & Planning, Policy, Administration, Program Development and other related concentrations. If you are interested in having your field placement with URIP, please email for more information

Current Interns

Sam Embry.jpg

Sam Embry joins URIP as an intern for the 2018/19 school year from Silberman School of Social Work at CUNY Hunter (#FreeCUNY!). Sam was born in Los Angeles and raised in New York City. He identifies himself as a white, straight, cis-male from a middle-class family. His family is of both Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry in Russia and Anglo ancestry, spanning the history of English colonizers and Scotch-Irish indentured servants in the American colonies. Rooted in this personal exploration of global history, Sam looks to advance anti-racist discourse and action in the field of social work and beyond. Sam is particularly interested in making education fully accessible to young working-class and economically poor PoC, believing that structural and systemic change will come with the creation of non-white institutions. As an undergrad at Earlham College in Richmond, IN, Sam chartered a chapter of Athlete Ally, where he developed working relationships with other groups to host events and challenge homophobia and transphobia on campus. Sam got a taste of community organizing in 2014 and 2015 working with several organizations-- the Stop Mass Incarceration Network, Jews For Racial and Economic Justice, and Standing Up for Racial Justice-- during the beginnings of the Movement for Black Lives. Sam is also interested in developing small, stateless and non-hierarchical communities that nurture personal and communal growth, through different interpretations of wellness and artistic creation.

Past Interns

2017-18: Hollisha Liverpool (Hunter), Ashley Merriman (NYU), Kristi Sun (Columbia),

2016-17: Toni Wilson and Amy Wald (Hunter)

2015-16: Bex Kwan (Hunter), Shantea Granville (LIU), Michael Mitchell (Stony Brook)

2014-15: Carlette Quinto (NYU), Kris Kelsang-Lipman (NYU), Beatriz Rivera (Columbia)

2013-14: Sharielle Applewhite (Hunter), Eleni Zimiles (Columbia)

2012-13: Jennie Encalada (Hunter), Mary Ruth Govidavari (Hunter)

2011-12: None

2010-11: Sasha Ahuja (Columbia), Emily Saltzman (Hunter), Germika Pegram (NYU)

2009-10: Yasmin Safdie (Columbia)